Comer and Tobias win $867,500 settlement in Alabama wrongful death trucking case.

Bryan Comer and Desi Tobias recently reached a settlement in a wrongful death case involving a fatal trucking accident in Alabama from 2009.

Comer and Tobias represented their client as the administrator and personal representative for the estate of the deceased daughter. Comer and Tobias sued the trucking company and the driver at the time of the accident.

The victim was involved in a car accident on Nov. 10, 2009 on Interstate 85 just 13 miles from Interstate 65 when her car hit a puddle, hydroplaned, and overturned. The victim then got out of the car to find help when a tractor-trailer truck struck the victim’s vehicle. The collision caused her car to hit and throw the victim into the windshield instantly killing her.

Comer and Tobias reached a settlement of $867,500 against the trucking company and the driver in the wrongful death trucking case in Alabama.